Makita 2 Stroke 73cc Petrol Power Cut 355mm EK7301

by Makita
SKU EK7301

Makita 2 Stroke 73cc Petrol Power Cut 355mm EK7301
Replacing the existing DPC7331 the new model features a Scavenging Losses Rejection "SLR" muffler which reduces emissions released from the exhaust.
Along with Makita's SLR technology the power cut delivers high torque and horsepower needed for the toughest cuts. With a 5 stage air filtration system ensuring clean air passes into the motor and a more efficient engine cooling system the new EK7301 is built tough and will never let you down.
Designed to suit the needs of concreters, plumbers, engineers and landscapers for cutting steel, stone, concrete and asphalt.
8 Stage Air Filtration System - ensures clean air is entering the motor for added performance and longer engine life
Multi-function Switch Lever - Choke, half throttle and stop can all be controlled by a single switch lever
Decompression Button - pressing the decompression button reduces cylinder pressure to allow easier starting
Optimum Vibration Dampening - large rubber dampers are located between the cutting blade and motor housing to reduce vibration transferred to the user
Efficient Engine Cooling - starter cover with larger air intake provides more airflow to the motor for effective cooling
Inboard / Outboard Cutting - blade position can be changed from inboard to out for close cutting against walls
SLR Muffler - developed incompliance with emissions regulations, unburnt gas is pushed back into the cylinder providing cleaner exhaust emissions
Displacement 73 cc
Max Output Power 4.2 kW
Engine Speed at Max Power 9,000 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.1 L
Wheel Diameter 355 mm
Max Cutting Depth 122 mm
Dry Weight 10.1 kg

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