Makita Laser Distance 20 Measurement Storage with Inclination Sensor LD080PI

by Makita

Auto laser switch off after 90 seconds
Auto power switch off after 180 seconds
Minimum and maximum measurements
Addition and subtraction of measurements
Area calculation
Volume calculation
Stores up to the last 20 measurements
stake out function
Timer Function
End piece flip out auto detection
Inclination sensor; measure the inclination of a roof by placing housing on a slope
Height tracking and 360 degree levelling
Typical Measuring Tolerance 1.5 mm / 10m
Max Measuring Tolerance 2.5 mm / 10m
Range of target plate 80 m
Typical Range 80 m
Smallest unit displayed 0.1 mm
Laser point 6mm at 10m
Laser Class 2
Laser type 635 nm, < 1 mW
Protection class IP54
Tripod Thread :1/4"
Auto laser switch off: after 90 s
Auto power switch-off after 180 s
Dimension (H x D x W) 117 x 57 x 32

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