Makita 7.2V Concrete Nailer Set GN420CLSE

by Makita

Makita 7.2V Concrete Nailer Set GN420CLSE
Flat top housing enables the machine to be placed upside down for rest
Best possible ergonomic handle with rubberised soft grip provides more control and better manoeuvrability in any application
Dual position hook convenient for hanging the machine on a rafter or steel pipe
Uses 7.2V Li-ion battery (BL7010) as the power source for ignition spark, gas mixing, air intake/exhaust and supply of cooling air
LED indication lamp with two convenient functions:
1. Battery power warning - Blinking red warns that the remaining battery capacity is getting low - Solid red warns that recharging is required
2. Trouble detection if trouble is detected, this function warns user by green/red alternate blinking and orange blinking
Removable magazine assembly
Slim nose
- allows better visibility for easy access to the point you aim at
- enables user to shoot pins into tight spaces such as narrow metal studs, etc
LED job light
- convenient for work in dark areas
- can be turned on/off with an independent switch
Tool-less driving depth adjustment, simply by turning a dial you are able to adjust the driving depth within a range of 4.5mm
Fuel cell inserts under the housing
Anti-dry fire mechanism
Pin Gauge 2.6 - 3.1 mm
Pin Length 15 - 40 mm
Magazine Capacity 40 pins (4 strips)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 430 x 108 x 390 mm
Weight 3.8 kg

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