Milwaukee 177mm Nipping Pliers 48226407

SKU 48226407

Milwaukee 177mm Nipping Pliers 48226407
The Milwaukee 177mm (7") Nipping Pliers feature hardened jaws within optimized blade angle for cutting and pulling nails, screws, fence wire, and other materials. The 7" Nipping Plier feature an iron carbide edge for maximum cutting life. The pliers' smooth jaw design will not mar finish surfaces during pull or pry applications. The 177mm (7") Nipping Pliers offer a durable forged design that are resistant from rust, and comfort grips that will not peel.
Iron Carbide Edge
Smooth Jaw
Comfort grips will not peel or dig into hands during extended use
Rust resistant
Forged strength design
Part No 48226407
Type Nipping Pliers

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