Milwaukee 18V Fuel Brushless SWITCH PACK Sectional Drum System 2.0Ah Set M18FFSDC16-502

SKU M18FFSDC16-502

M18 FUEL SWITCH PACK Sectional Drum System is the first drain cleaning solution that combines the benefits of sectional and drum machines, creating the single most versatile and mobile machine on the market. Tackling the most frequent challenge of any drain cleaning application, getting the machine onto the job, the SWITCH PACK System utilises a modular design with backpack straps for the easiest transport to any roof, drain, crawl space, or clean out. The tool-free drum connection allows users to quickly interchange between cable sizes, or add a second drum to reach further down the line. All SWITCH PACK drums are fully enclosed providing the best protection against mess. The POWERSTATE Brushless Motor delivers more clearing power than corded competitors for tough jobs through drain lines. REDLINK PLUS intelligence improves control with an integrated drum brake, slowing the machine faster than competitor drums. The REDLITHIUM-ION battery pack powers through multiple jobs on a single charge, delivering cordless mobility, safety, and power supply to the drain cleaning industry.
POWERSTATE Brushless Motor delivers maximum power 30.4 m down the line
REDLINK PLUS Intelligence ensures maximum performance under load and improves control throughout the entire process
REDLITHIUM Batteries power through multiple jobs on a single charge, the first to bring cordless mobility, safety, and power supply to the drain cleaning industry
M18 FUEL SWITCH PACK Drums: Interchange and connect various cable drums up to 30.4 m
Built-In Backpack Straps: Easiest Transport
Integrated Drum Brake: Electronically slows drum down faster
Electronic Foot Pedal With Non-Slip Grip: Maximum Durability
Fully Enclosed Drums: Best Protection and Mess Containment
M18 FUEL SWITCH PACK Drums: Interchange and connect various cable drums
Voltage 18 V
Accessory Attachment Storage On-Tool
Back Pack Straps Yes
Drain Line Capacity Up to 30.5 m
Drum Capacity 8 mm x 22 m Inner Core Cable
9.5 mm x 15 m Inner Core Cable
13 mm x 15 m Inner Core Cable
16 mm x 15 m Open Wind Cable
Integrated Drum Brake Yes
Height 450.8 mm
Width 381 mm
Accepts Other Brand Cables Yes
Weight 8.7 kg
Milwaukee 18v Extended Capacity Red Lithium 5.0 Ah Battery Pack M18B5
REDLINK Electronic Intelligence
Overload protection to prevent battery abuse
Temperature Management system to keep battery at ideal temperature
Individual Cell Monitoring for optimal charge and discharge for maximum battery life
Discharge Protection prevent cell damage from over-discharging
For use with MILWAUKEE M18 cordless tools
Voltage 18 V/5.0 Ah
Battery Type Lithium-ion
REDLINK intelligence Yes
Battery fuel gauge Yes
Weight 0.72 Kg
Milwaukee Rapid Charge Station M12-18FC
Charges all Milwaukee batteries up to 40% faster.
Charges all M12 and M18 batteries.
Sequential charging.
REDLINK intelligence communicates directly with the battery.
REDLINK monitors cell voltage and temperature.
REDLINK charges to optimise the performance, protect and extend the life of the battery.
Voltage 12V & 18V
Weight (tool only) 0.77 kg
Supplied in Carton
Warranty 2 year

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