Milwaukee 3 Piece Tin Snips Set 48224533

SKU 48224533

Milwaukee 3 Piece Tin Snips Set 48224533
Forged Blades - Stronger and will stay stronger for longer when compared to cast iron blades
One-handed Metal Lock - secures tool closed, for storage, with ease
Bolt Lock - Blades won't loosen or separate
Flush Bolt Design - Snips won't get caught or hung up on material
Ergonomic Grips - Designed for all day use without hand fatigue
Chrome Plated Blades - For protection against rust
Lanyard Hole - For easy tethering and safety precautions
Blade Construction Forged
Bolt Lock Yes
Lock Style One-handed Lock
Chrome Rust Protection Yes
Flush Bolt Design Yes
Lanyard Hole Yes
Length 250 mm
Weight 0.45 kg

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