Milwaukee 30m 18V FUEL Brushless Powered Fish Tape with Non-Conductive Cartridge M18FPFT30-0


The M18 FUEL Powered Fish Tape is the world's first battery powered fish tape solution. The Powered Fish Tape's AUTO-RUN Powered Feed and Retract eliminates manual pulling tools for less user fatigue and automatically reels the tape back into the cartridge for a cleaner job site. The Powered Fish Tape features a POWERSTATE Brushless Motor that provides the ability to pull cable and wire through a 30 m run with 360° degrees of bends. The M18 FUEL Powered Fish Tape reduces downtime, with an automatic feed that pushes through bends fast for maximum job site efficiency. The Powered Fish Tape is powered by the M18 REDLITHIUM-ION battery pack (not included) and comes with the 30 m Non-Conductive Cartridge. The Powered Fish Tape is equipped with REDLINK PLUS Intelligence for maximum performance, and protection from overload.
POWERSTATE Brushless Motor pulls wire and cable through 360° bends
Completes tough runs up to 30 m
Less muscle effort reduces user fatigue
Tape automatically retracts into cartridge for a clean job site
Variable Speed Trigger for control in feed and retract
Proprietary cartridge design for smooth feeding and retracting
REDLINK PLUS Intelligence ensures maximum performance and protects from overloads
Quick-change latches for easy cartridge swap out
Voltage 18 V
Pulling Capacity (4) 5.3 mm² (#10) Wires
Replaceable Cartridges Yes
Length 30 m
Weight 3.1 kg

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