Milwaukee Drain Snake Cable 6.4mm x 7.6m Drop Bulb Cable 48532574

SKU 48532574

Expect the most work from Milwaukee Drain Cables constructed of industrial steel spring. The solid polymer inner core delivers the best mix of strength and flexibility. It carries power through the end of the cable for maximum clog crushing force, and manoeuvres the tightest bends. Milwaukee Drain Cables won't rust to their inner core, increasing the overall cable life. All Milwaukee Drain Cables can be purchased with a removable inner drum to help prevent cable bind up, and reduce mess. Compatible with Milwaukee M12 Drain Snake and other professional drain cleaning machines, and backed by a 2-year warranty from defect or breakage.
Solid Polymer Core: Best mix of strength and flexibility
Carries Power Through End of Cable
Manoeuvres the Tightest Bends
Corrosion Resistant Core: Will not rust to cable
End of Cable Indicator: Approximately 3' from back end of cable
"Optional Removable Inner Drum: Prevents cable bind up and contains mess"
Length 25"
Width 0.31"

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