Milwaukee Inkzall Liq Paint Marker Yellow Counter Display Box (order in lots of 12) 48223721

SKU 48223721

Milwaukee Inkzall Yellow Paint Marker 12 Pack 48223721
Milwaukee INKZALL Liquid Paint Markers were designed from the ground up to provide users with the best performance on tough jobsite surfaces. All INKZALL Liquid Paint Markers feature a durable acrylic nib that can write on the dirtiest, hottest and roughest of surfaces. Proprietary paint developed specifically for INKZALL Liquid Paint Markers can mark on surfaces up to 300F and dries in 10 seconds. For the most demanding environmental conditions, INKZALL Liquid Paint Markers provide the longest lasting marks that are both water and UV resistant.
Writes On Dirtiest, Hottest, Roughest Surfaces
Durable Acrylic Nib
Water & UV Resistant Markings
10 Second Dry Time
Marks On Surfaces Up To 300F
Valve Action Marker
Width 20 mm
Height 24 mm
Quantity 12
Weight 0.31 kg

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