Milwaukee Jobsite Scissors Offset 48224043

SKU 48224043

Milwaukee Jobsite Offset Scissors 48224043
Milwaukee Jobsite Offset Scissors redefine performance and durability in the scissor category. They feature micro-serrated Iron Carbide cutting edges for maximum durability and during tough cuts and better grip. They also include an all-metal handle loop design for protection from drops and handle breakage. An aggressive offset handle design keeps hands above cutting material. Bolt Lock Technology prevents blades from loosening to ensure precision cutting. For added precision, ruler markings are featured on the front of the blades.
Iron Carbide Edge Blades
Micro-Serrated Blades for Grip While Cutting
All Metal Core (Patent Pending)
Bolt Lock Technology
Rust Protection
Large Handle Loops
Ruler Markings on Blade in Millimetres (mm)
Index Finger Groove
Length 240mm
Blade Length 114mm
Weight 227g

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