Milwaukee Metric Adjustable Hole Cutter 49560260

SKU 49560260

Milwaukee 51-178mm Metric Adjustable Hole Cutter 49560260
The Milwaukee Adjustable Hole Cutter is a one-size-fits all solution to make holes in drywall and ceiling tile.
Cutting diameters range from 51mm through to 178mm with 6.4mm increments.
The tool-free Quik-Lok arbor users can quickly and easily identify and change sizes without the use of a hex key.
QUICK-LOK arbour for quick tool free adjustments
Durable solid debris shield with spring collar design
Black oxide coated with laser etched size indicators
Suitable for ceiling tiles and plasterboard applications
Adjusts 51-178mm, 6.4mm increments
Depth up to 25mm

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