Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE Locking Bit Holder 75mm 48324531

SKU 48324531

Milwaukee Shockwave 75mm Impact Locking Bit Holder 48324531
What's the difference between our current bit holders and the New SHOCKWAVE Locking Bit Holders?
Our current line of bit holders include an internal C-ring clip to hold an insert bit and a magnet to provide holding power to the fastener. They are designed for insert bits ONLY as they do not support a power groove bit.
The new range of SHOCKWAVE Locking Bits are optimised for use with both Insert Bits and 1/4" Hex Power Bits, in addition to having two magnets for maximum fastener holding power.
Auto-locking Design - Fits all Inserts and 1/4" Hex Bits.
Quick Release Collar - One-handed bit insertion and release for simplicity of use and increased productivity.
Optimised Shockzone - Absorbs peak torque and prevents breaking at what is normally a bits weakest point.
Slim design maximises application access.
Magnetism - Latest Locking Bit Holders feature dual magnets which ensures magnetism transfers to hold fasteners more securely.
Locking Auto-Locking One-handed bit release
Magnetism Dual Magnets
Durability SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty
Lengths Available 75 mm
150 mm
300 mm
450 mm

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