SOLA BIG X 4 Pack Includes: 40cm, 80cm, 120cm & 200cm BIGX4PK


SOLA BIGX Spirit Levels

  • Very high measuring accuracy in standard and inverted position
  • Ergonomic, torsionally rigid aluminium profile for permanently precise measurement results
  • Better, faster and more accurate reading through the patented SOLA FOCUS vials
  • Break-resistant acrylic block vials with a magnifying lens (+60%) and a 30 year guarantee against leakage
  • Better readability in dim light through an optimised SOLA luminous backing
  • Shock-absorbing 2-c end caps provide optimum protection against damage

Max. Measuring tolerance standard position 0.50mm/m

Max. Measuring tolerance inverted position 0.75mm/m

Profile weight: 630 g/m

Available in: 30cm, 40cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm, 200cm

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